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In the beginning was the PT Saung Mirwan engaged in vegetable cultivation and marketing of horticulture. After a long operation as the PT Saung Mirwan applying a high enough quality standards assessed by the retail supermarket, foreign buyers and in turn is from the sector Horeka market the higher the demand to get a product from us.

The first to open the door vegetable market in short process is Mc Donald and Burger King. In the beginning was to meet the needs of the next lettuce and tomato and onion head. Is something strange and out of the ordinary in the operation when the PT Saung Mirwan must provide a product result from the process of product information that have been sold in whole (raw), but because of the Mc Donald and Burger King in desperate need of these products, they provide guidance in the process of preparing the product they want. Product specifications are determined by international standards so that companies are required to give a result of work requested in accordance with the spec, clean, fresh and quality. This was the beginning of the emergence of product “Fresh Cut”.

Fresh Cut in product development, PT Saung Mirwan one time worked with several chefs to create product-ready though and the food product. From this collaboration was born of a brand with the name “GREENLICIOUS” for fresh-cut products at retail to meet the demand for vegetables is ready though like vegetable soup, vegetable, shabu-shabu and others of which there are 20 types. On the way to introduce fresh-cut products are its competitors, has also been followed to sell a product like that and because the process is not complete as we will price them cheaper in the market. These are things that we encounter in the field to market this product so the demo events and promos are needed to educate buyers on the existing retail.

With the development of store-store at Mc Donald and Burger King so our fresh product Horeka the known world, so hotels and restaurants, large restaurants began to be interested to see the facilities available to us. When the development needs of fresh-cut product is PT Saung Mirwan still processing all fresh-cut product that is done manually by a trained workforce who assisted with the tools simple enough. Restaurants and hotels that has attracted such Hoka-Hoka Bento, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, A & W, D’Crepes, Philip and the last is the Seven Eleven with grow quite rapidly. This is the rationale for the need to respond to developments mesinisasi demand for fresh-cut product fresh cut

December 2011 PT VEGETABLES READY Theses began operations meet all the needs of fresh-cut mesinisasi worked and of course there are machines that need a sufficient order volume to maximize the capacity of the machine itself.


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